Best Fishing Rods for Blackfish- Top Ten Selling Rods

Recently, we’ve had a few requests, to list our most popular rods that people are using for Blackfish.

So…. In no particular order… here they are!!

Keep in mind, these are the rods that we sell the most of, for Blackfishing around Long Island. Generally speaking, people are using these rods to fish anywhere between 6 and 10 ounces of lead in 40 to 120 feet of water.

Calstar Rods GFGR 700 L and GFGR 700 M:

These are high end rods, no doubt about it. Calstar rods are, textbook, west coast style rods with very fast actions and a unique composition. The bottom halves of these rods are graphite, to keep the weight down and the strength up, and the top halves are fiberglass to make for the faster actions and the extra flexibility in the tip. Sweet rods if you like fast actions!! Either one of these rods can comfortably fish 6 and 8 ounces of lead but the 700 M will fish the 10 and 12 ounces a little nicer.

Lamiglas Rods BL 7040 C and TFX 7040 C:

The BL series (Braided Line Series) was designed for use with braided lines and has a slower, softer action with hypalon (foam) grips. The BL series is also a composite blank which is made from BOTH graphite and fiberglass. The TFX series rods are all graphite and have faster actions, a little lighter in weight and cork grips. Both of these models can fish 6, 8, and 10 ounces pretty well and still leave some backbone for lifting fish off of the bottom.

St. Croix Rods TRM 70 XHF and PM 69 XHF:

What can we say about St. Croix… some of the nicest rods in the world and STILL made right here in the USA. The TRM is on the lower end of the St. Croix price structure and it’s actually a freshwater Muskie rod with cork grips and a trigger reel. Although it was designed for Muskie fishing, these are very light, kinda fast action and they have plenty of backbone! The PM is also a Muskie rod with cork grips and a trigger seat. A little shorter, at 6′-9″, but a fast action and a step up in the graphite. The PM series is made from St’ Croix’s SC II graphite.

Shimano Rods SJCM 70 H: And By The Way… THIS ROD IS ON SALE!

The first thing we can say about this rod is that for the price?????? Pretty hard to beat!!! Again, designed for Muskie fishing in the freshwater, these are composite rods (part graphite and part fiberglass) with cork grips, trigger reel seats and a carbide tip on them. The Carbide tip can be nice if you’re fishing with braided lines!!!

Ugly Stik Rods BWB 1140 7′:

Like the Shimano we mentioned…. for the price, this is a great rod. This is an ALL fiberglass rod with foam grips and a pretty fast action. Ugly Stik’s are virtually in-destructable, so if you’re hard on your gear this may be something worth looking at!

Tsunami Rods TSCC 701 XXH and TSTBC 701 H:

The TSCC has the cork grips, trigger reel seat and is a lighter weight type rod… sort of like the Muskie rods mentioned earlier. The TSTBC is definately more of a traditional saltwater style rod with foam grips and heavier duty guides. The TSTBC is also a little slower action then the TSCC… more smilar too the Lami BL series.

The bottom line… there is NO right or wrong rod to fish with. If you notice, these are all 7′ rods but most of them are also available in 6′-6″ models and a few are available in 7′-6″ models as well. All of these rods we mentioned will do a GREAT job for 95% of the Blackfishing we have in Long Island. Quite often, for our customers, price seems to have an influence on their purchase and if you notice, the rods we mentioned vary in price from $35 to as much as $277. Just because a rod is almost $300, doesn’t mean it will catch you more fish!!!

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